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Bear Química, S.A. is a family company, founded in 1996 in order to provide continuity to the business activity developed by the families of the current shareholders who managed, over the years, to build up extensive experience in the polymers sector, particularly with regard to the synthesis of products that could be used for a wide range of different applications. As a result, BEAR inherited the technical knowhow and industrial experience of the original company, which it is a continuation of, and has, in this way, achieved a higher level of rationalisation and efficiency in terms of organisation and productive processes. In this sense, the company’s commitment to highly technological products has been manifest, insofar as we have constantly sought to establish quality based differentiation from the products offered by our competitors, many of which are manufactured by multinationals. Consequently, the products that BEAR seeks to place on the market have to cover unresolved specific needs, and this has allowed us to build up a portfolio of customers at the highest level who are extremely faithful to the company image. The fact is that, in an economic environment characterised by a series of energy and financial crises, adequate resources management and the company’s knowhow have guaranteed our independence, on the basis of strategies founded on a firm commitment to Research and Development that have allowed us to maintain sustained growth in the market for products of proven quality.


The BEAR catalogue currently includes a portfolio of over 250 products. While the number of customers for these products is variable, insofar as we cover a wide range of different sectors, we can count on a fixed number of companies to which we have, for many years, supplied products to their full satisfaction, both on the domestic Spanish market and with an ever increasing percentage on the export market.


  • Anselm Clavé, 40 LOCAL
    08100 Mollet del Vallès. Barcelona. España

  • Tel (+34) 935 707 316
    Fax (+34) 935 709 041


  • Partida figueral s/n Pol.Ind,17
    43878 Masdenverge. Tarragona. España

  • (+34) 977 719 515